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Twenty countries make it on to the Reuters Breakingviews Olymponomics Leader Board. They are the nations which won the most medals in the 2008 and 2012 Summer Olympic Games in Beijing and London. Three points were awarded for a gold medal, two for silver and one for bronze.

Each of the shortlisted countries is ranked according to population, size of GDP, the cost of a pair of Nike running shoes, and its IAAF doping record. Rankings are turned into points ranging from 20 down to one. Countries with larger populations score better. Countries with larger GDPs score better. Countries where a pair Nike running shoes costs less score better. Countries with the worse records of substance abuse score higher.

The default setting gives each factor equal weighting. Use the sliders to adjust as you see fit, and see how the results might change.

Sources: World Bank, NationMaster.com, IAAF.
By Matthew Weber, Himanshu Ojha, Robert Cole, Richard Beales | REUTERS GRAPHICS