NOTES: GA employees covered under the federal Fair Labor Standards Act are subject to the federal minimum wage of $7.25, but those not covered may be paid the state minimum wage of $5.15. MN, employers with annual sales of less than $500,000 pay a the minimum wage of $6.50. MT minimum wage is $4.00 for businesses with annual sales of $110,000 or less. NV minimum wage is $8.25 without health benefits; $7.25 with health benefits. OH minimum wage is $7.25 for employers grossing $238,000 or less. OK employers of ten or more full time employees at any one location and employers with annual gross sales over $100,000 irrespective of number of full time employees are subject to federal minimum wage; all others are subject to state minimum wage of $2.00.

Source: National Conference of State Legislators
By Matthew Weber and Stephen Culp | REUTERS GRAPHICS