North Atlantic storms

NOAA forecasters predict the 2016 Atlantic hurricane season to be the strongest since 2012, with a 70 percent chance of 12-17 named storms. Two to four of these storms are expected to develop into major hurricanes.

* 2016 data is year-to-date

Most intense North Atlantic storms since 1980

Low air pressure contributes to high wind speeds, creating more dangerous storms.


Peak sustained wind speed

Costliest hurricanes since 1980

Flood claims vary widely per hurricane and in severe cases can amount to almost a third of total insured losses.

Insured losses

Data as of Janurary 2015
Note: Amounts in original values, U.S. losses include FEMA flood claims.

FEMA Flood claims

Satellite image: Hurricane Matthew is seen over Haiti in this image taken from NASAs Aqua satellite October 4, 2016. NASA/Reuters

Sources: National Hurricane Center/National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration; Unisys Weather; State govenor offices; Munich RE; FEMA; Reuters
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